Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Saturday, June 5, 2010


A Press Report : Raghuvir Yadav, a small time actor,when he got down from Rajdhani Express with his second wife Roshani was arrested and sent to judicial custody for not
paying maintenance allowance to his first wife Purnima despite Court's orders.

Once there lived a youngman by name Raghuvir Singh in a prominent M.P.s bungalow in Lutyun's New Delhi. He was a married man with one son, Raju.The M.P. was spending major part of his time in his constituency so Raghuvir, Raghuvir 'chacha' to us kids was living all by himself in the sprawling bungalow. He was chauffeur-cum-butler to the M.P. In the times to come the M.P. became an important  minister, close to the Prime Minister.

We were talking about Raghuvir chacha, who is the central character of our story. During second pregnancy of his wife, Raghuvir brought his wife's very young beautiful sister for help in household works.From a small town she came to dazzling city life of Delhi. A gregarious soul,she was happy beyond words and it was showing not only on her face but in each action of hers. She was a garden fresh flower whose fragrance delighted one and all who saw her. Our Raghuvir got captivated in her grip rather too intimately too soon.While Mrs Raghuvir was confined and writhing in labor pain and attendant complications Raghuvir was busy with his new found 'thrill' a cocktail of happiness mixed liberally with wicked pleasures.They say the love has some kind of latent energy which illuminates the eyes and face of those who are in it. It could not remain under the wrap for long from Mrs. Raghuvir. She was aghast. A poor simpleton,she was full of anxiety. It was not the past but the future which was haunting her. Future of her children esp the new born, her own future. The worst was she could not, leave alone curse but think or wish bad of either of them.One was her dear husband and the other her own kid sister.She found no meaning in her life any more. She had stopped living. She was not living, just breathing. She had become a walking ghost.She had stopped eating, she had stopped caring for the new born child.She thought it was due to him that she lost her husband,her happiness,her sleep,her health,her peace of mind,everything. Brooding,sulking, cursing her own destiny she neglected herself so much that she began to remain ill. Come evening and fever started visiting her with remarkable punctuality. Soon she suffered the inevitable. She was diagnosed suffering from tuberculosis. The wonder drug Rifamycin was yet to come in reach of  common man, certainly not within the reach of a poor illiterate lady whose husband was spending his entire earning on his newly acquired sweet heart.The young love lorn was made to belive by Raghuvir that once his wife is no more, he ll be all hers,after all T.B. was a terminal disease then.

There is a saying in India 'If gods protect you,none/nothing can damage you'. Our lady with Kochs' suddenly wanted to live, live for her children, esp the newly born.Thinking of future of her new born she was drawing strength to live on. She got strength from within,from deep within, fromm the very marrow of her bones. Lo ! behold ! she showed positive signs of improvement. She was fast recovering. On her next visit to the doctor, doctor declared her free from the disease. She was completely cured. A new surge of life had taken over her. She had forgiven her younger sister. She had accepted her sister in her life, was rather grateful for her help in her hour of need.She had no bitterness towards her sister. It was her fate,she consoled herself.She was extra affectionate towards her younger sister.

P.S. : This had devastating effect on the younger sister. She was so full of guilt, so overwhelmed with the thoughts what she had done, she suffered, fell gravely ill and soon died of tuberculosis but not before giving one son to Raghuvir. The child was reared by

Mrs Raghuvir as her own though brothers never forgot rather reminded him every minute that he was a step brother beside ill treating him.Last seen, Raghuvir was frequenting from one temple to other in search of that evasive feeling, we all call PEACE.

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  1. It is so true .The feeling of PEACE comes from within.It resides only with Goodness,morals and ethcis.A nice story.