Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Friday, March 18, 2011

ERROR OF JUDGEMENT Ha... Ha…Give me another one

(It is received with disbelief, hilarity and cynicism when none other than Prime Minister tried to unsuccessfully pacify the opposition’s criticism by calling a major constitutional appointment made by his government as an error of judgment. Who he thought would be so naïve to give credence to his statement.)

We are living in interesting times, to say the least. When did you last see or hear an ‘honest’ P.M. heading a bunch of corrupt…criminal...Tainted ministers. English is a funny yet rich language. You have terms to describe every situation and catastrophe politicians can push our country to. Error of judgment is one such phrase in the weaponry. I wonder! How every one in the numerous stages down the chain suffered from this color blindness called Error of judgment. So our PM brushes all allegations and comes out unscathed, or so he thinks. He is calling it (Thomas’s appointment as CVC of India) nothing big just an error of judgment. (EOJ) CWG was another EOJ. The list is endless. 3 G scam EOJ. Adarsh scam EOJ. Purchase of MPs votes so that an ‘honest’ PM could continue at helm—EOJ. Sharma says Nachiketa who? Next day newspapers splash him in family get- together photographs, may be yet another EOJ, this time probably by the photographer.

We all have a role to play till the curtains are down. Personal honesty is one of the traits required for prime minister. You can not rely on leading a nation of billion people by just one single sail called honesty. What about efficiency and effectiveness of the armada. The captain of the ship can not navigate rough sea on fate, hope and honesty. He has to have a team of equally honest, effective and dedicated crew aboard his ship.

Mr. Prime Minister you are not responsible for your honesty alone. You are responsible for honesty of your team mates too. Dhoni can not say I am sorry but see I am honest. He is on to the pitch not to display his honesty but his batting/bowling and captaincy skills. Isn’t he responsible for the performance of his entire team down to the last ball? Similarly, sir you are a nice man. You love poetry. You are a gentleman to the core. You do not vie for any personal gain but sir! Do us a favor even if it is for the first and last time – crack the whip... Go cracking man. Show them who the real boss is. Show them two of your sterling qualities, one - honesty that you already have in plenty and the other ‘zero tolerance’ to dishonesty. Sir, you may not be after Power but we do need a Powerful PM. Is it too much to ask. Don’t we deserve him/her?

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