Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



             (RIGHT WAY,WRONG WAY          AND  RAILWAY)  

1.   ACM     Our entire traffic of ‘smalls’ has    already gone to roads 

2.   AOM     Came to know through control message, have     already    set up FOIS (Fowl Operations Information Service) 

3.   APO      File is put up. In the meanwhile chicken crossed the track without NOC. It is a ‘Cross’ item  

4.   AME     With no incentive scheme and bad pit line the chicken could not have done better. 

5.   ASC     It is a clear cut case of RPUP Act (Rooster Possessed   by Ultra Powers)   

6.   ASTE   Chickens are not entitled for CUG as per Rules. No spare pair is available  

7.   AMM   Quality of track and reasonability of rate has to be certified by the chicken  

8.   AEN    It was a case of rail fracture and APWI is responsible. However inquiry will reveal it was Signal dept‘s failure  

9.   ADMO     He was under ‘sick’ and did not apply for ‘change of air’ to the hospital of his jurisdiction.

10.   AFA     His proposal for crossing the track was returned unvetted for want of detail justification 

11.   AVO     Give a questionnaire to chicken, confiscate all files and papers in original pertaining to both chicken and track and then wait for CVC’s II stage advice. Till then chicken will be in Agreed List  

12.   AEE    This side of track could not take the load so panto dropped. He should have applied for three phase extra meter 

13.    PRO     i. Thank you very much for your suggestion
                      ii. Complaint will be looked into
                      iii Inconvenience caused is highly regretted 
14.   AHO     The road signs were not bilingual as per dhara 3 (iii)


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