Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Friday, January 25, 2013


 The Mayan civilization, it seems had long predicted the doom of the world. Later, when nothing happened and life moved about, with its usual turbulence and tranquility, it was said that by Mayan civilization what they probably meant was Mayawati Government.

            The intellectuals are at it, all over again with gusto and busy discussing as to when and where, this end set in at first place.  As always, the wise people differed immensely on every statement, every opinion and disputed every hypothesis.  The chain of events in India in recent past, however, has made these T.V. generated and Genetically Modified intellectuals paused from their filibuster and take notice.

            Long long ago, once upon a time there existed an enchanting land of gold err of gold buyers in the mysterious East.  This land was called by different names by different segments of society- Bharat, India, Indraprastha, Aryavrata.  From invaders to plunderers to politicians, the land was repeatedly invaded so many many times that in times to come they named it 'Invaded' and later it came to called India.  The attraction of gold and land was so dazzling that Kings after Kings made Delhi their Capital. The Capital city had all the trappings of a world class city and patriots added to its splendor from one game to another be it Asiad or Commonwealth.  The roads were so very broad that the motorcade of limousines could effortlessly negotiate the curves and crossings so as to take them -The people’s representatives to another world of infinite joy, opulence and Swiss banks.  The palace was always abuzz with intrigues of courtiers who were countless in number and would always be seen in immaculate White, as white as the bloodless, food less and waterless faces and eyes of the subjects who were waiting to be eaten by human vultures in other parts of this land of Gods.  Real vultures by then were extinct thanks to multinational Pharma companies and our Babu-Neta nexus (read greed).  The ruling class was, indeed a class apart.  In heart of hearts they looked down upon the people so much that it was a kind of M.H.S. (Mutual Hate Society) while the ruling class had all the resources be it coal, 3G, Diesel, Cooking Gas, Land and Foreign jaunts, the people were relegated to live from one increment to another which was once in a year and from one Pay Commission to another which was once in 10 years.

            The opulence and sheer luxuries were so commonplace among the ‘Haves’ that it was difficult to know whether they are intoxicated half asleep or walking in sleep due to dark glasses they donned.  Though the politicians, mafia kings hated the poor in general but their favorite hobby was to bring newer and newer novel ways to mesmerize and lead the voters to polling booth to vote in their favor every 5 years. The deepest excavation has revealed hundred thousands of inauguration plates and foundation stones without any structure or even foundations.

            A group of thinkers opine that this was the twilight zone ultimately setting in the Dark Age in India.  Neta–Babu–Corporate formed a Trinity which was more omnipresent, more omniscient and more omnipotent than the Almighty Brahma Vishnu, Mahesh - the Trinity, hitherto, loved, feared and worshiped in India.

            The political parties were always on the look out as to how to seduce electorate what will wean them away from rival camp and enchant them to theirs.  Money became a password for all the domains. So much confidence was reposed in money that it was freely used to win no-confidence motion in Parliament – the parlor where the politicians mingled and worst of foes became friends.  Seeing this, electorate too had matured.  They would take wine from one, wealth from another and vote for the third candidate belonging to their sub-caste.

            The political commentators and analysts were dime a dozen.  They were always busy running from one TV channel to another.  They had a view point every day on every thing under the Sun, whether in their view or not.  They were a locust swarm and thought they are awakening the masses and thereby helping in building that hunger-free and misery-free El Dorado.

            The Society had a ‘society’ within, which was most powerful and had no qualms of liberally exhibiting it as much as law will permit.  Thus, all the newspapers carried page 3 where all the cream de la cream (or so they thought) converged over cocktail/fashion show charity ball to lament at the poor India and poorer Indians.  Beside Godmen Babas on every morning channel, cinema was opium of masses.  Movies in its nascent stage were Black and White but later acquired different colors/hues leading to wider sale and usage of commodities as varied as Fevicol, Zandu Balm,Fire brigade and above all commoditization of women folk.  The Trinity of Babu-Neta-Corporate was all powerful and formed the Mandarin class of that era.  Close second was another Trinity- Police-Doctor-Lawyer. So the widely accepted general belief was that even if you save yourself from the wrath of first trinity, the second trinity will catch up with you and punish or protect you depending on what you are and who you are (where you are became superfluous) as this trinity too was omnipresent from PoK to PoK (Pak occupied Kashmir to People Occupied Kerala).

            While this down slide was the steepest to meet its nadir, the subjects were crying and wailing at different spots in the Capital, prominent being 3 G (India) Gate, (Ramlila) Ground and (Raj) Ghat.  Courtiers were doing overtime and were in cut-throat competition to prove before the powers that be that they were the principal sycophants several notches above their nearest rival.  They and they alone could feel the pulse of public.  Politicians were busy innovating newer and more and more novel methods how to be-fool public.  Their main concerned being precious vote in their favor.  Caste consideration, nepotism, favoritism, regionalism and religious fanaticism were the order of the day.  Nobody raised eyebrows, as all were having downcast eyes for one reason or the other.  How to become rich and rich overnight was the preoccupation of one and all, ruler and ruled alike. Sky was the limit, nay, sky was not the limit.  Lofty schemes such as ‘Double your money’ to ‘A to Z massage centers’ and ‘Escort services’ were leaving nobody un-massaged and un -fleeced.

            Circa 2012, 16th December, is the Black Day when the Dark Age completely overtook and blackened the face of Bharat i.e. India and ‘We The People of India’ had  put to shame the mankind in general and Indians in particular.

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  1. Well... I liked the satire but its kind of depressing :(