Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Civilised Vs Selfish

In a city like Mumbai I found it perplexing that somebody should be pressing my residence’s door bell without pre appointment at 5 AM. I saw from the peep hole and spotted two ladies two gentlemen and a kid plus luggage. Simultaneously, my cell rang the party outside was on phone inside…”me Hukam Chand bol raha hun… Lal saab (my father-in-law) ka aadmi “ I was amused at this Ajeet style code word dialogue-cum-introduction. I opened the door he announced “ ab kya Karen train ne subah 4 baje hi chhod diya I rang u last week that we ( family) are coming to Shirdi “ I meekly protested “ But you never said you would come to Mumbai (much less the contingent of five) and you should have clearly told me if u had any program of Mumbai” 

He was staring at me in disbelief (despite declaring himself to be Lal saab ka aadmi I was not appearing to be suitably impressed and not indulging in any PDA ) 

Frantically, a room in adjacent rest house was arranged, later in the day shifted them and arranged for their transport to drop them at a Holiday Home 

Kept thinking instead of feeling happy, true to ‘athiti devo bhav’ we now get irritated…..the warmth with which they crash landed i did not show any warmth. To me it arrival unannounced was more of a botheration….( notwithstanding the prasadam they brought for us from Shirdi ) was recalling grandparents coming un announced or endless cousins arriving even at unearthly  hours used to be such a joyous, thrilling and happy happy event just few decades back and today ?

Have we become CIVILISED or plain n simple SELFISH?


  1. Guest must have told before visiting any family . It hasn't anything to do with being civilized or being selfish.

  2. I have liked your honest narration...
    Visited your blog for the first time... saw a link on IROA forum..
    Keep writing!