Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Sunday, January 19, 2014


You didn’t belong to this world at first place

Male driven, male dominated kingdom it is, call it maledom !

The world is cruel and more than cruel it is crafty

First they encouraged you “Bravo! Bravo! Here is a lady

Who has broken the glass ceiling … one who lives on her terms “

My foot! This is all frustration and display of contempt by men

For everything you stood for

Just see even before you were proclaimed dead

The world was already busy doing your post mortem

Each one of them wanted to dissect and dissect it all

What made you tick and why?

You were a challenge to their male world of arrogance

Self assured warmth of safety n security

There is no place for yours or for that matter anyone else‘s co-existence

 Leave alone growth in my world of oversized egos.

However brilliant you may be, you were never assessed

Beyond the flesh and blood the world could cast their ogling eyes at.

Nor were you ever inaccessible to their scrutiny and groping in their usual fantasies.

They had in fact so many many names not just for you but for him too.

They at once envied, loved and hated him

Did you ever believe when they declared in unison ‘Indian woman has arrived’

What they meant was ‘you have penetrated in our circle, be prepared to face the consequences’

And there and then daggers were uncovered. Could you see the beast smiling behind their grins?

Men cannot bear the very thought of any one barging in and challenging

His so called intellectual superiority.

How can you be thinking and a woman simultaneously? No way!

You drink and the world drinks with you. You drink with Alparax and you drink alone.

They lament you were LIFE of party circuit.

I hope you didn’t believe a word of it.

They said this many a times before

They said it to numerous ladies and oh god all those nasty things they said

In next breath as soon as backs were turned

You were yet another victim of your image the persona you created,

Nursed by the male all around you

You too burned your candle at both ends.

It did give dazzling illumination but lasted for painfully brief period.

Rest in peace dear and in next birth (Hindus do believe in next birth but)

Don’t you believe that men, Indian men will be any different. 

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