Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Thursday, January 1, 2015


No doubt Modi sir you are a Maananeey Maanash—Hon’ble man !
You promised us moon
You actually took us to mars
@ Cheaper than auto fare
You indeed are a Hon’ble man
You promised us 3 Cs Cleansing
Coordination and Cooperation
Hon’ble man that you are
You delivered 3 Cs to us
Conversion, Construction (of temple...What else)
And Congress mukt Bharat
You, no doubt are a hon’ble man
You promised us 4 Bs Black money, Business Opportunities,
Boldness at borders and Bhartiya mouse (hiss! no snakes)
We hear! We did get close, very close to Black money
In fact, per capita allocation to each Indian was also worked out
But suddenly the trail went cold
Black money..? How much...? Where...? When...? Who...?
Well ... Ahem!
May be next time, got to trust you
Every one assures, Modi is a hon’ble man
Make in India
What...? err...just about everything
Hinduism to Saffronisation to Ramzade
God worshipers to Godse worshipers
Temples and Togadias
Sadhvi to Sakhshis
3 Rs Ram to RSS to Ramdev
2As Adanis to Ambanis India is one
The tea delivery boy of Badgam Railway Station has arrived
You promised us 3 Ts
Transport, Tourism and Toilets
We are hearing that instead we are getting
PPP, FDI and Jan Dhan bank account
Without dhan, of course!
You abhor the idea of Committee working
For the delay it breeds
Hon’ble that you are it is surprising that no one
From your Think Tank briefed you –
“..More you change things...more they tend to remain the same...”
I bet Railway minister won’t remember
How many committees have come?
To be set up under his wings
From mobilizing finances to ensuring transparency
From restructuring to E tendering
Restructuring is the latest buzz word
Restructure just about everything you cast your eyes at
After all you are committed to provide us Congress mukt bharat
So design, destroy and destruct all things Congress
(Did I just give you a new 3 D?)
Hon’ble sir!
A voter... An average Indian...A babu...A labor...A farmer...A daily wager
A Chaiwala all are exclaiming
Hey gujarati nathi ! Hey maate vote nathi
Honeymoon is over
Now shall we get to the humdrum of domestic chores?
Let us get to kitchen
In the home called India
We got to feed so many mouths
All are waiting eagerly and are getting bored of
2 Ts, 5 Cs, 3 Ps and 4 Qs
All are asking each other expectantly
What is the gestation period?
Haven’t we have had enough of baby showering events
And debate on labor pains already
Now where is that elusive 1D?

P.S. a piece of small unsolicited advice reg your detractors sir! Jaadugar nu jeev popat ma chhe, popat nu kaabu ma kari shu to jaadugar aapoaapaj kabu ma aavi jaashi

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