Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Long long ago, on a certain day, suddenly I realized I have lost my spectacle case. Though it had my favorite pen and my visiting card inside, I had very dim hope that anyone who finds it would be a good Samaritan to inform/return. I rewound the day’s events /movements to pin point the likely location of the loss. Beside few cab rides the major outing was the assignment to procure beer for a friend’s party. I must have left the case carelessly either in one of the cabs or at the beer shop. I was feeling annoyed with myself for being so very casual. 

There is this beer shop, the only wine shop in the basement/sub-way of Churchgate, leading to suburban Railway Station. Few weeks later, while passing by that shop I could not resist going to the counter. I asked the man behind the counter “ last week I had left my spectacle case in your shop”, to make myself sound the rightful owner, I hurriedly added to convince him “ it had my pen also inside”.

The guy did not care to even look at me but coolly said “yes we have it” He just handed over the case to me from the shelf and shared “yahan se kahan jaayega” (where will it go from here). I was feeling particularly satisfied for I had lost hope of finding it and almost forgotten about it.  

It seems in the huff of inquiring about different brands and in a hurry to get the booty carefully packed I left my spectacle case at the counter. And yes I liked his parting Tequila shot “andar dekh lo sab barobar  hai na”

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