Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Saturday, February 13, 2010


( A tribute to mother.. our first friend gifted to us by God, she prepares us for both Love and Life)

In the Great Journey called Life
Many a fellow travelers and
strangers converge.
Life is but a caravan
not a travel in linear progression
Nor a lonely solitude punctuated by
Monotonous soliloquy.

Strangers touch our lives
Friends,kin make our life worthwhile.
Friends overstep to be more 'friendly' than
We would like them to be
Kin, you wish, you had never known
They too are part of the caravan of
The Great Journey called Life.

Our forefathers prepared us
At times going overboard
Nevertheless their collective wisdom
cascaded through generations.
She did confide how to tell
Phoney from Real
Fake from Genuine
Good from Evil
As ever, Mother was right
Indeed ! Mothers are always right.

Mother is a Concept
Mother is a Giver
Mother is a Creator, she sires
She nurtures,she grooms and
Shapes us all into what we become
What we make of our lives
Mother is our foremost role model
We observe her,learn from her constantly
Our hero in daily life, not only she protects
She is a provider worthy of emulating
Paragon of all that is virtuous in the World.

Mother is not a 'person'
Its The position, Mother is a 'status'
A daughter,a sis,a wife get elevated to this stature
Indeed Mother was right
As ever, Mothers are always right

A living guide to propel and grapple through
The Journey called Life
Inculcates values,chaperons us
In the wild labyrinth called Life
When down and out
Her warm hug...a pat on cheek
Affectionate fingers running through hair
Muchless just a smile rejuvenated
To face harsh realities with renewed vigor
Mother was right
As ever, Mothers are always right

Let us be Good
Recognise & cling on to who is genuine
Let the warmth of harmony flow unabated
A friend,true friend is to be valued & cherished
For, a genuine friend,philosopher and guide is rare
Friend shares,cares and listens to unspoken
Friend is with you..for you..in your hour of need
Friend does not sympathise but empathises
God couldn't be everywhere, so he created mothers
Mothers couldn't be everywhere,forever, so He created friends
When you are down..low and lonely
When you want to laugh full throated
Lean on a shoulder
That is when & that is what friends are for
Thanks to her,our gratitude to her for
Mother was indeed right.

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  1. Good morning sirji,
    Superb.So wonderful to see this poem in your blog.Thanks