Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yes it’s mutual
Nonetheless being women we are far more vulnerable
Juggling many worlds
A well groomed daughter, a doting sister, a favorite daughter-in-law
Home-maker wife and affectionate mother
Pheeeew! How many hats, one can don
Nonetheless being women we are far more vulnerable

Lofty objectives to fulfill
Caring, endearing, tearful but smiling
Crying yet laughing
 Perpetually at war to preserve our individuality
And seeking solace in divinity
A great feat indeed
Along the road 'on guard'
Excusing... Slipping... Escaping
Just in time from the
Preying vultures, antelopes on prowl
Oh 'advances' of those glib-tongued protectors
We have to keep an eye on
Protect our modesty and yet not appear offended
Much less sound offending
Learn young to interpret gestures
Process post-haste those verbal and not so verbal onslaughts
Jeering colleagues, ogling neighbors and 'extra kind' fellow passengers
And leering seniors
Yes being women we are far more vulnerable

             THE MEN

We, the Men! The lesser mortal  
“With inflated ego”  
Seeking solace in ‘mythical fairies’
Ever groping in dark, mystical world
Where have all fairies disappeared?
Did they ever live here at first place?
No wonder we are emotional fools
Hasten to flaunt and waste our emotions
Misplaced flow drains us
Leaves us, devoid of solemnity and maturity
Leaves us lost in vast vacuum
"Man! When will we grow up?”

Always untidy, grotesque
Cluttering your lives with superfluous trivia
You who are forever jostling to treasure
Your ‘purity’
In this polluted world full of pompous men
With impure intentions

And yes if only we could be deported
To the utopia of fairies and queens
Umbilical chord intact, condemned to die
Ever waiting for those fairies and princess
Like a
Migrant, stranded for 'local' on a mega block day
In our bubble
Till someone bursts it
Crashing us face-down to coarse hard realities

Gratitude!  Where it is due, that is you
For bridling the 'loose' us
When will we demystify and learn
To live in the ‘present’
Away from fake world of make believe celluloid
Fairies and princess do not live here anymore
They died long back
Rest in peace

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  1. uncle,
    i was read..somthing beutyful quot of both reletions-
    "According to a recent survey, men say the first thing they notice about a woman is their eyes, and women say the first thing they notice about men is they're a bunch of liars”