Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Saturday, January 30, 2010


INTERVIEWER : Since when are you in the film line ?

BOLLYWOOD ACTRESSS: My mama disclosed, i was born on a location set of  'kunwaari bahu' in a film studio.

Inter : where were you educated ?
B.A. : I was all along intersted in films. Like you have English medium,Marathi medium,similarly I picked up my education in filmi
medium. You know ! Audio-visual . In my HKG itself I could recite scores of hit film songs.By the time i was in my primary classes,
I knew dialogues of all big actors and actresses of my time and would talk in their style with others and also with myself in mirror.

Inter: People blame you of imitating Meena Kumari

B.A.: Oh really ? What could be a bigger compliment than this I have always been inspired by Meena Kumari. Even in school, you know ? girls used to tease me and address me MK.

Inter : Do you believe in exposing ?
B.A. : Oh no. Not at all.. but of course if it is the demand of scene...story...director...dance director...script writer...photographer...producer...financier..or public I dont mind it for the sake of art.After all I possess a terrific body. Dont forget
I was Miss Nine Planets. Only those actresses are against exposing who have nothing worth to show to the world.

Inter : We hear of 'casting couch' in the industry , did you face any such dilemma ?
B.A. : Dilemma ? what dilemma ? as soon as I came to bollywood first thing i bought was my own furniture,therefore, I dont really use their casting couch. I am from a good family I am not here to earn money like other heroines I am here to get myself,more importantly my acting talent accepted. I will go to any extent for this. I have acting talent and it has come to the forefront.

Inter : Your forthcoming films ?

B.A. : I have many films of big banners. All are different. Their story too is different. Not run-of -the mill stuff you see.

Inter : Your favorite food ?

B.A. : Chinese and Thai but of late, it is Italian you know Pizza,Pasta, Macroni.

Inter : Your favorite dress ?

B.A. : I am glad you asked that I do believe in dressing up at home. i love micro-skirts and sling tops with noodle straps.

Inter : We hear of your secret liaisons with your leading man ?

B.A. : What rubbish ! We just go to discos and khandala with our group. Me and Ramesh are merely good friends and between good friends there are no secrets,there is nothing to hide. Friendship is all about sharing. Although I live in Ramesh's flat but as a paying guest only.Other day when Ramesh insisted I had put little sindoor in my hair parting and wore Mangal Sutra, they spread all sorts of stories
about us. People have dirty mind you see.

Inter : ' Main to Nahaoongi' film is said to be full of your nude scenes because of which we hear it is stuck with censor ?

B.A. : You know the water supply in our country, people dont take bath for months,therefore,couldnt stand me taking bath so frequently in the film. It is nothing but jealousy.

Inter : Where did you pick up your dancing ?

B.A. : Oh from my mom you see.

Inter : Who is your dress designer ?

B.A. : My sis, I ve yet to find a better designer than her in whole of Hollywood. One cant make out whether you are wearing anything at all.

Inter : Who are your favorite actors and actresses ?

B.A. : I love Tom Cruise,Clark Gable, Peter Ustinov,Charles Bronson, Gregory Peck, Sean Connery Dalip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. My favorite actresses are Marlyn Munroe,Liz Taylor, Barbara Striestand, Julia Roberts and Meena Kumari.

Inter : What are your hobbies ?

B.A. Oh I freak out on foreign films. This helps me in improving my diction and dress sense. I am a voracious reader. I like to read classics such as James Hadley Chase and M&B

Inter : You drink ?

B.A. : Yeah, I like only red wine, you know it is fat free, alcohol free. I am not a hypocrite like other heroines who drink mixed with coke or in stainless steel tumblers.

Inter : How did you miss out on 'Best Actress' award and how come Diljeet got it ?

B.A. : Oh you see it is like this. We are very good friends. She is a hardworking actress besides she is lucky, thats all. Award or no award, I stand for my principles. High time Diljeet learnt to digest her success , respect her seniors and keep her mouth shut, otherwise I will spill the beans as if people didnt know how she hopped her way to the award.

Inter : Your message to the new actresses ?

B.A. : Be eco-friendly, be user-friendly. Take care of your skin. It needs larger and greater exposure. You see Bombay...er. I'm sorry,
Mumbai's climate is like that.


(from the collection Bald is beautiful 2000)
also published in Women's Era June(second) 2000

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  1. How Stereotype all interviews of bollywood heroines are?