Ravi ki duniya

Ravi ki duniya

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Mr. Rumsfield Esquire of USA has proclaimed that US troops would not stay in Iraq a day longer than necessary. Impressive assertion indeed. The world should learn virtues like honesty, transparency and straightforwardness from US. No politics this. Wherever, whenever, whatever is not in keeping with their current policies they straight away take direct action and march forward. They are the cleanest people in the world. Whichever area they enter, they clean it up, be it people or property. Look at the garments, how the clothes have made a clean getaway from the wardrobe of Indian damsels. US has declared in unambiguous term---small is beautiful i.e. if the third world still insists to wear one. Walk in any of their garment stores and gallop out as a cowboy. US has inter-alia obtained patent for human measurement also. Entire human race now ought to be available only in three sizes R, L, and XL.

Shri shri Rumsfield is echoing what Britons used to say about us Indians just a century ago. These black Indians need to be civilized. God has ordained whites with the duty of making tolerable human beings out of these sub-human Indians. They are Whiteman’s burden. As soon as Indians become “civilized” enough we will leave the Indian shores. See! They did leave. Once they were convinced that an average Indian wants to learn, emulate everything English, their task was over. While leaving Indian ghats English were satisfied because they had done their duty. England expects everyone to do his duty. They had prepared a race which for generations to come would take pride in talking English, walking English and laughing English. So much so they would look down upon their own brethrens, language, literature and culture. While departing they did not forget to partition India keeping both India and Pak busy, lest they address the vital problems of bankruptcy of all hues and shades.

His Excellency Rumsfield has only emphasized the obvious which his forefathers have been harping in order to preserve their right to bully the rest of the world. Poor US! How burdened it is with the duty of reforming the world. Vietnam, Cuba, and Iraq the list is endless. No time to relax, whole world’s responsibility is on its shoulders. Their hands are full. Whole world is to be civilized. So that the rest of the world too can savor pizza, hotdogs and whole range of pesti-colas. No reason to suspect their motives. They will certainly leave Iraq .Just wait. Let them partake oil wells. Let them distribute various construction contracts among their cronies. After all reconstruction of Iraq too is their duty. Let me build roads for you on which you would drive obsolete cars imported from US. Shopping malls, old-age homes, orphanages, state-of-art hospitals all are their in their agenda. After all it is a question of their ‘market’ too. Let there be pizza corners at every nook. Let Iraqis begin to dance in discotheques in tune with Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. The day an average Iraqi starts hating his own language, literature in short anything Iraqi, Americans will vacate Iraq. They are just waiting for Adaab Arz to be replaced by Hi, Khuda Hafiz by ‘catch you later’. Let Iraqis embrace low cut top and jeans. Let speaking in Arabic be labeled as outdated and stupid and communicating in American English be acknowledged as hip and the in thing. Then US will not be required to stay a day longer in Iraq. Precisely, this is what they have been telling to the whole world. Not a day more. They are not like us. They are known for keeping their words. Look! Didn’t they leave India so what after 150 years. As soon as Indians became anglicized enough to be the carbon copy of their Masters, their mission was accomplished and whites left the Indian shores.

Exactly on the similar lines when an Iraqi calls his father not Abba but Pop and ammy is elevated to mum, Uncle Sam will set sailing for some other part of the world to free and fast forward it. Indeed white men have too much burden upon them. Don’t you think so?


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